Courses - What We Teach

At JC Champions Creator, students are taught a potpourri of writing styles and techniques, and learn how to:



Examples of what will be taught

Writing Creative Introduction

  • Typical Introduction: It was a scorching hot day. Eng Huat had lost again in gambling. He was feeling blue…
  • Unique Introduction: “Not again…!” Eng Huat groaned and moaned; a melancholy frown flitted over his features as he reeled out of the casino at Marina Bay Sands. The tricenarian who could hardly make ends meet due to his long-term unemployment, had resorted to borrowing from loan sharks to satisfy his unceasing cravings in gambling. When the 37-year-old man reached his dilapidated flat, he found a pair of glassy eyes glowered at him menacingly -- a slaughtered pig’s head was hanging on his door. Threats and swears in a mishmash of Hokkien, Chinese and English were scrawled and splattered on the grimy walls.

Writing Creative Conclusion

  • Typical Conclusion: The arsonist was caught and sentenced to jail. Few criminals could escape the long arm of the law.
  • Unique Conclusion: When the officers sensed that something was amiss, it was already too late. They launched an island-wide manhunt for him but to no avail. The wanted man had long since skedaddled. However, since Ah Beng could not swim, how he would be another ‘Mas Selamat’ was everyone’s guess.

Creating Sensational Simile

  • Irregardless of the curious stares from passers-by, I continued ranting and raving like an escapee from an asylum.

Creating Modern Metaphor

  • Seeing her in such a miserable state pricked my heart.

Creating Analogy

  • Bashebath is to cooking what sumo is to ballet dancing.

Creating Irony

  • Cain had been working at a fire extinguisher factory for over a decade yet he did not have the device when his apartment was on fire.


  • The austere aunt asserted her authority and demanded that the children return to their rooms.


  • Tweet, tweet… I pressed on the bell of my bicycle to warn a reckless pedestrian.

Using Idiom

  • I was very tired when I came home from school.
  • I was on my last legs when I came home from school.

Using Proverb

  • She knows that gardens are not made by sitting in the shade; that is why she has been working so diligently for the past months.

Using Quotation

  • Quoting Thomas Jefferson, ‘Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom,’ I urged my friend to return the wallet to its owner.

Describing Dialogue

  • "Look at her and her outfit!” he commented.
  • “Look at her and her outfit!” he snarled, grimacing with disgust as he raised his chin with a cool stare in her direction.

Describing People

  • Jacob is determined and able to deal with difficult situations.
  • Jacob has such strength of character; he is a resilient boy who won't be unhappy for long.

Describing Emotion

  • I was very surprised.
  • My eyes popped half way out of their sockets, completely amazed.

Describing Weather

  • It was a pleasant night.
  • The pale yellow full moon crept its way gradually up the night sky and nestled itself comfortably among the shimmering stars.