"You are a champion teacher who have created so many champion students! My jaws dropped when Xercis scored 17/20 for his first composition test, just after 3 lessons with you!"
– Xercis's (Primary 2) mother

"Xavier could not have done so well without you. He joined your class with primary 3 standard at the beginning of primary 6. Now, he is a champion writer. He scored second highest in the level in creative writing for his preliminary exam. His composition is one of the best in his level.  His best friend who is top in English only secured 29/40 after 6 pages of written work. Xavier did better in Creative Writing with just 3 pages of good writing. Thank you!"
– Xavier's (Primary 6) father

"Hsin Yu scored 17/20 and Hsin Yue scored 34/40. I'm happy with their results! Thank God and thank you!"
– Hsin Yu (Primary 3) and Hsi Yue's (Primary 5) mother

"Hi Jalynn, just want to offer a very sincere thank you for all that you have given unto Jana. Her SA1 composition has improved soooo much! It had always been her compositions and the comprehension passages that pulled her marks down. But since your class, she has scored 15/20 for her composition and she got full marks for her comprehension passage - 10/10 (it used to be only 2/10; both her composition & comprehension marks had never passed even the middle mark ).  I praise God for your willingness to be an instrument of blessings unto Jana."
– Jana's (Primary 6) mother

"Hi Jalynn, thanks for your guidance and those creative writing gems we purchased from you. Janelle is in the TOP 20% for English and also in the TOP Writers category. As for Junius, he scored 49.5/50 for English and has no problem in his level. His composition had been selected by his enrichment class teacher to share with other parents."
– Janelle (Primary 4) and Junius' (Primary 2) parents

"Dear Teacher Jalynn, I am grateful for your guidance for the past 18 months. Thank you so much! From <20/40 to >29/40. THANK YOU! God bless!"
– Ian (Primary 6)

"Dear Teacher Jalynn, I would like to thank you for helping me get 38/40 for my compo last year. Thank you so much! It would be lovely if I could write 4 pages full of ‘Thank You'. Among all the tuition I go to, I enjoy your lessons the most because they’re filled with laughter and joy; my spirits are lifted up even when I have an unpleasant day. Every week, I look forward to attending your class for many reasons: I can learn many new things, it is so joyous and it keeps me going. Your name will always stay in the little book of names in my heart. God bless you!"
– Eunice (Secondary 1)

"Thank you, Jalynn. Carolyn’s school teacher gave her full marks for her compositions ever since she joined your class."
– Carolyn's mother (Primary 3)

"Thanks for being my GREAT Creative Writing teacher; you’re my fave teacher always.
Jolly (never lacking smiles)
Amiable (simply approachable)
Likeable (I like you)
Youthful (always)
Nice (I think you’re great)
uNderstanding (quick to forgive a fault)."
– E Mun (Primary 6)

"Hi Jalynn, I'm really elated! Thanks so much! My daughter scored 37/40 for her composition in the mid-year English exam, and she's first in her class. She used to get between 25-28/40 before she attended your lesson. I'm amazed by how much she has improved after 4 lessons."
– Shanisse's (Primary 6) mother

"I feel that your notes have aided my child tremendously. His command of English has improved through the introduction of new sets of vocabularies and unique phrases. I've seen him describing situations and scenarios in a very different way now; he has swapped using easy words with harder ones to make his compositions look more 'professional' and in-depth. The 'Colours of Creative Writing' will definitely help him in his pursuit of excellence in the English Language in future years."
– Timothy's (Primary 6) mother

"Samuel always mentions to me that you are so good, and he enjoys your lessons so much that he wants to stay with you from now till JC. Your notes is a treasure to him; indeed, you're the only teacher I know who is so generous in giving out notes to pupils. Samuel always receives a huge stack of notes each lesson and they are really good ones, more than sufficient for him to revise, learn and apply in his compositions. I'd like to buy your 3 volumes of ''Colours of Creative Writing' for him for future reference and usage. Kindly reserve them for us. Btw, I think you're highly blessed and favoured by God."
– Samuel's (Primary 5) mother

"Teacher Jalynn, thank you so much for your lessons and guidance. I scored 18/20 for my composition. You've helped me to achieve the highest marks in my class for composition."
– Eunice (Primary 4)

"The Pri 3/4 notes are excellent and useful, although I personally find it a bit challenging for their levels. My girl is able to apply what you have taught her quite effectively; her vocabulary has improved and she seems to enjoy writing much more now. Thanks for your guidance."
– Klara's mother (Primay 4)

“Miss Jalynn is a pleasant teacher who always goes the extra mile to make her lessons stimulating. A believer in 2nd chance, she always encourages us to do our best. Her notes are excellent and have helped me scale new heights in my writing.”
- Song Jing (scored A* for the PSLE English)

“My son said to me, ‘It’s indeed crazy for you to send me to Jalynn’s class but if you don’t, you’ll be really foolish. Mum, I’ll let you decide if you want to be crazy or foolish.’ Well, I chose to be crazy. He improved so much after 3 months of lessons, I couldn’t believe he scored A* for his PSLE English. He is now in RI, the best class.”
- Herman's mother (parent who travelled from one end to the other end of Singapore)

“Teacher Jalynn, I’m truly thankful! Thank you so much! I got an A* for my PSLE English! I’m now in RGS and doing very well in my class.”
- Nandhini (Secondary 1)

“Ms Yap, I really enjoyed your teaching methods and styles of writing, and I find your advice very useful… Thank you much and please keep in touch.”
- Sarah (Primary 5 pupil from June 07 workshop)

“Thank you Ms Jalynn. Your comments were very helpful! Hope to attend your lessons again.”
- Grace (Primary 4 pupil from June 07 workshop)

“Thanks for pointing out my mistakes and correcting my compos, appreciate it.”
- Isaac (Secondary 2)

“My son joined Jalynn’s Creative Writing class in December 2007. His English has improved tremendously after just a few months. I’m ecstatic and deeply thankful to God for making the right choice in sending him to Jalynn’s course. He is always so enthusiastic in attending her lessons. I’m looking forward to register his sister for her class next year. I’m inspired and impressed by her lesson notes and dedication!”
- Joshua Ho's (Primary 6) mother

“Both my children have been attending Jalynn’s classes for the past 4 years and they are ranked first in English in their classes every year. I’m very grateful that God sends Jalynn to coach them in writing excellent compositions.”
- Joshua (Primary 5) & Rachel Chew's (Secondary 2) mother

“I’ve been learning Creative Writing from Ms Yap since I was Primary 4. She has taught me valuable writing techniques and I scored a high ‘A1’ for English last year. Happiness rolled over me in waves…”
- Sophia (Secondary 2)